Higher Education Services' motto is "Education is the Answer."  This motto is commensurate with our mission to:

The Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska's (CCTHITA) Higher Education program provides financial aid, education information, guidance, academic planning, counseling and assistance to eligible tribal members who attend or plan to attend an accredited college or university institutions in the pursuit of education degree programs, specifically post secondary education. 

Recognizing that Council funds are supplemental in nature, tribal members are encouraged to take advantage of all outside private and public sponsored financial aid programs to assist with college costs. Be sure to check with your corporation for scholarships as well.  Additionally, if you wish to apply for scholarships or grants from your school, you must apply for Free Application for Student Financial Aid.  We also highly recommend you check out Fastweb for other available scholarships, grants and loans out there in the web world.

Higher Education does not fund vocational, part-time, certificate or other programs not at the post secondary degree level.  Eligible tribal members may apply with the Council's Employment & Training. For additional information, please click here to link up with their site for further information and application.


College Student Assistance 
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Alumni Scholarship Assistance Program 
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T&H Housing Authority Assistance

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